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One principle guiding we have followed since generations is, that success must not
come at the expense of the environment and at the expense of human beings.

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One guiding principle we have followed for generations is, is that success
must not come at the expense of the environment and at the expense of people.


True to our philosophy of “generations committed to nature and quality”, we see it as our duty to practice innovative plant protection. This means that we rely on the action of micro-organisms as natural antagonists for the control and prophylaxis of fungal diseases.

Strictly speaking, it means that we apply microorganisms which settle on the roots and the above-ground parts of the plant and multiply there. This protects the plant from the penetration of the hyphae of the fungus. In the case of an existing infestation, the microorganisms displace the harmful fungus and take away its habitat. Another strategy is the use of plant fortifiers, which strengthen the plant from within and activate its natural defence mechanisms.


Not just talk – but act!

From the understanding way we treat our employees and the conservation of our resources to the cultivation of long-standing customer and supplier relationships based on partnership, we see it as our responsibility to constantly optimise our processes.

As a producer from the very beginning, we now produce over 370,000 POTTBURRI® pots in the Calluna vulgaris Beauty Ladies, Lavandula angustifolia and cushion perennials range.

We produce plastic-free!

We produce 10% of our entire production in biodegradable plant pots.

As part of the MPS certifications, we document energy and water consumption, chemical use, as well as aspects of social sustainability such as employee satisfaction and health.

In this innovation field, the selection from over 700 crosses and 4000 possible new varieties are taken over by Edens Creations and further cultivated. At the end of the season, the top varieties can be selected together with Europlant Canders and Edens Creations. This is an important and motivating contribution of making the products more durable and resistant.

In the future, we will be able to cover up to 65% of our energy needs ourselves through our solar systems, CHP units and heat pumps, and also make this available to third parties via wallboxes.

The excess irrigation water that runs back from our cultivated areas and the rainwater from the roof and cultivated areas is collected in return basins. We then reuse this water and thus achieve an enormous reduction in groundwater consumption with an upward trend. In this way, we will be able to reduce our water consumption by up to 30% by 2024.


Generations committed
to nature and quality.

  • Long-term cooperation based on partnership

  • Detailed, direct communication

  • Future-oriented

  • Cross-generational

  • Good price-performance ratio

  • Market-oriented offer

  • Exclusive assortment

Bee protection

1st priority for us

Bee protection is also a priority in our production chain. Our suppliers and we are committed to not using any active ingredients that are suspected of promoting bee mortality. In addition, our Winter Ladies® (Erica Carnea) provide the best nectar and pollen for bees, bumblebees and other insects in spring.