Generating energy through photovoltaics
and heat pump.

Janßen Sunergy GmbH is the youngest company in the group and was founded to position itself well for the future and to be as independent as possible from energy suppliers. The aim is to cover the energy requirements of the companies in the Janßen Group as sustainably, efficiently and independently of external sources as possible by investing in photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and wallboxes.

  • Hot water storage tank
    ‧ Stores the excess energy from the photovoltaic system in 145,000 litres of hot water

  • Photovoltaics
    ‧ 450 kWp power
    ‧ covers up to 65% of own consumption

  • Heat pumps
    ‧ for the supply of the operational buildings

  • Charging systems
    ‧ battery storage system 190 kWh

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