Our nursery has developed dynamically in recent years and today cultivates a good 30 hectares of open ground and 5 hectares under glass. We have specialised in specific species and produce various products from 9cm to 45cm pots or trays in different variations and plantings.

We are particularly proud of our range of services and our deep assortment within the genera. Our main crop is Calluna vulgaris of the Beauty Ladies® brand. The range also includes Lavandula angustifolia, various species of cushion perennials, Erica carnea under the Beauty Seasons® brand and, from 2025, Campanula. Horticulture produces its finished goods almost exclusively outdoors and is becoming increasingly automated thanks to modern container storage areas, return robots, dispatch halls and forklift technology.

  • Beauty Seasons® Calluna vulgaris

  • Lavandula angustifolia

  • Pernettya mucronata

  • Erica carnea

  • Pottburri®

  • Campanula (coming soon 2025)

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